New Lime Rock History Book

"Lime Rock Park: Six Decades of Speed, Beauty and Tradition"

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Throughout the more than 220 pages and 16 chapters of "Lime Rock Park: Six Decades of Speed, Beauty and Tradition," the spirit of racing this long-revered road course is revealed in colorful stories from trackside. Whether it's the history of the Park itself or the greats who sped past its finishline, the soon-to-be-released hardcover is a must have for anyone who has an appreciation for how motorsports evolved within the hills of Northwest Connecticut. 

Edited by renowned motorsports author Gordon Kirby with a foreword by Lime Rock Park President Skip Barber, this compilation of stories is presented in a unique, first-person view as the various contributors have often spent countless hours in the paddocks with several playing central roles in the track's development. Chapter authors include well-known names from not only Lime Rock but the motorsports industry as a whole such as Sam Posey, David Hobbs, Scott Atherton, Judy Stropus, Murray Smith, Rich Taylor, Alan Claffie and Jim Donick.

Each author recants tales and anecdotes about fascinating moments that brings new life to this place that has been beloved by generations. Racing greats like John Fitch, Briggs Cunningham, Mario Andretti, Mark Donohue, Sam Posey, David Hobbs and Paul Newman and their momentous times spent at the track are all explored with intimate detail.

Born and bred in nearby Sharon, Conn., motorsports icon Sam Posey started his racing career at Lime Rock. “I used to go over there long before I was old enough to race, which was 21 at the time,” Sam recalled for the book. “I bought a Formula Vee from John Fitch and my mom bought a share of Lime Rock stock. I think a share cost $200. I would go over on every Tuesday and run laps. My mechanic Irwin Hemsey and I would go out and when a top competitor like Bill Scott took to the track I would go out right behind him and we would duel it out."

From his days racing at the track to teaching countless other racers how to traverse its corners through the legendary Skip Barber Racing School, Skip has an appreciation for Lime Rock's speed, beauty and tradition like no other. His dedication to preserving the iconic raceway and its natural beauty is highlighted, in part, by this project.

“Our goal was to publish a book covering the many improvements and investments we’ve made in Lime Rock Park as well as provide entertaining vignettes from some of the key figures in the track’s history,” Skip said. "Whether it's a look back at the early days or highlights from the glory days of open-wheel, Trans-Am, GTP and even NASCAR, the book is sure to reveal something new for even the most dedicated fan. And even for those who have never been here, we hope the book paints a vivid picture of this beautiful place and it's spirit that exists nowhere else.”

For more information, call the Lime Rock Park Track office, Monday - Friday, 9:00a - 5:00p at (860) 435-5000.

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