BLOG: A Message to Lime Rock Park Righthanders from President Dicky Riegel

Happy National Volunteer Appreciation Week. As we continue to celebrate our Righthanders this week, Lime Rock Park President & CEO has a very special message for the volunteers:


I wanted to take a moment to extend my heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you who dedicate your time, energy and passion to make our racing events a tremendous success.


Your commitment and enthusiasm does not go unnoticed. From ensuring the safety of our participants to creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and support, your invaluable contributions play a pivotal role in bringing our vision and mission at Lime Rock Park to life.


It is through your selflessness and unwavering dedication that we were able to create unforgettable experiences for all involved. Your willingness to go above and beyond exemplifies the true spirit of community and collaboration.


Celebrating Volunteer Appreciation Week comes naturally to Lime Rock Park because just about everyone who built the Park voluntarily contributed to the success of everything we do. So much of the Park’s history has relied upon volunteer participation, whether it was flaggers, marshals, landscapers, parkers, guest services or race stewards.  


Indeed the history of motorsports was built around people who gladly volunteered their time and efforts to support their passion. That same passion is what drives the success of Lime Rock Park today.  We can all celebrate the contributions of the Park’s volunteers that make Lime Rock Park so wonderful!


On behalf of the entire team, I extend my deepest thanks for your tireless support and dedication. We are immensely grateful for your partnership and look forward to continuing this journey together this season.


Here is Part 2 of some of their stories (read Part 1 here):



Name: Bill Valletta

Years at LRP: 2024 will be my third year

Race post: Mostly Courtesy Cart driving

Why Righthander: Long time LRP fan (from late 1960s). Love the beautiful park and NW Connecticut area and being part of the racing environment.

Favorite memory: I have two…

1) having my grandchildren with me at LRP 

2) Getting to ride in the Pace car for a few races in HF41



Name: Edward (Ed) Smith

Years as Righthander at LRP:  15 

Where are you posted on race weekends: Currently overseeing all club activities as President (3rd year); formerly the team lead for interior bannering of track (14 years) and hot laps (~10 years)

Why do you like being a Righthander: Working with great a team within lrp and like-minded club members to provide an exciting and helpful experience to fans and teams!

Favorite memory as a Righthander at LRP: Not so much a memory, the favorite part is the camaraderie among club members!



Name: Mike Hodish

Years as Righthander at LRP: Unsure, 8 ish?

Where are you posted on race weekends: Media Center

Why do you like being a Righthander: The camaraderie

Favorite memory as a Righthander at LRP: Meeting and having a brief chat with Stirling Moss



Name: Jim Curylo

Years as Righthander at LRP: ~15 years, they all blend in together.

Where are you posted on race weekends: The Car corals are me, I run them, basically as an employee of the track. I camp there, set it up, sign them up, run them on and off the track for their parage laps and I’m the steward of the release forms they sign their life away.

Positions held: I am the team Lead for car corals, I am also on the executive board of directors.

Why do you like being a Righthander: Meeting the fans, guiding them to the best viewing areas, being part of the “team”. I am treated by the Lime Rock employees as one of themselves.

Favorite memory as a Righthander at LRP: Meeting and joking with the drivers as they filter past me on the way to their respective paddocks in the morning. I’ve met and billshitted with the best of them, for some reason, they remember me year to year. The best cringe worthy memory was watching a teen son slide a full case of Snapple across the roof of his father’s new $200K Porsche GT3.



Name: Ryan Walsh

Years as Righthander at LRP: Somehow this will be my 14th year as a Righthander!! I joined up in 2010.

Where are you posted on race weekends: I am typically bouncing around between winners circle, bannering and sometimes carting. I am the banner team lead for the past two years.

Why do you like being a Righthander: I enjoy the group of Righthanders, LRP and race series staff and meeting other people who come to enjoy that passion that is motorsports and cars.

Favorite memory as a Righthander at LRP: I’ve had the privilege of assisting both Sir Sterling Moss and Sam Posey around for autograph sessions and getting to talk and listen to their stories. Taking a hot lap or getting to use the autocross course at the end of the year is always a great time too. 



Name: Pat Ryan

Years as Righthander at LRP: 10 years

Where are you posted on race weekends: My tasks include working in the Info tent, shuttling park visitor  and setting up autograph sessions.

Favorite memory as a Righthander at LRP: I actually have two favorite memories. Both being when Jack and I had wonderful conversations with former IMSA Corvette driver Ron Fellows and the late Lady Susie Moss.




Thank you to all of the Righthanders who submitted their stories. We will continue to feature more of our Righthanders throughout this week for National Volunteer Appreciation Week. 


For more information on how to become a Righthander, visit: