Litchfield Hills Highland Games

September 29, 2024

The Litchfield Hills Highland Games bring the culture & sport of the Scottish Highlands right to Lime Rock Park.


What’s Happening:


The Litchfield Hills Highland Games are bringing Highland Games back to Lime Rock Park in 2024! Immerse yourself in a day of spirited competition and cultural celebration as athletes showcase their skills in traditional Scottish games.

Plus, enjoy a variety of delicious Scottish fare & engage in other Scottish heritage events. Scroll below for a tentative event lineup!


While the full list of activities is spelled out below, we’d really like you to be a part of the following events! Email LHHighlandGames@aol.com to learn more.


Whisky Tasting

Kilted mile

Faux Haggis Toss

Destination Bicycle Ride


Clans and Societies


Event Lineup

Heavy Athletics
Clan & Society Gathering
Pipe Bands
Scottish & Other Vendors
Scottish food and drink
Faux Haggis Toss
Children’s Games, Events and Crafts
Scottish Inspired Craft Beer
Whisky Tasting
Kilted Mile for Adults and Youth
Scottish Musical Entertainment
Highland Coo
British Cars & Motorbikes
Birds of Prey


More info

Looking to vend or compete at the Litchfield Hills Highland Games? Email LHHighlandGames@aol.com for more information!