The Piston Foundation

The Piston Foundation is a public charity that funds skilled trade education for students and apprentices who want to pursue careers in automotive craft, vehicle restoration, and service.


The Piston Foundation has a mission to bring more young people into the collector car industry. They’re working to help the craftspeople who built this American touchstone transfer their skills to a new generation and help young technicians build rewarding careers in the trades and services that fuel the passion of 25 million American car enthusiasts.



The Piston Fund program provides automotive education scholarships to graduates with an interest in collector cars.


The Piston Academy program will provide apprenticeship placements and training grants to working technicians who want to begin a career in collector car restoration.


The Piston Foundation provides Piston Fund scholarships to students who are taking their first steps, and Piston Academy apprenticeships to technicians who are ready to build a career. Young people are looking for career opportunities and the collector car industry needs their energy, talent, and skills. Supporting the Piston Foundation is the way all of us who share a passion for cars, can help build a sustainable future for our car community.


The Piston Foundation is a national public charity that was created to provide post-secondary educational opportunities and funding to students interested in pursuing hands-on careers in the collector car industry, while filling the skilled-tradesperson gap in the collector car community.


“There are 25 million car enthusiasts in the U.S. They are generous people who care deeply about car culture—as well as the future of the youth in this country. Getting them engaged in this cause will address the needs of both constituencies. Our job, as the Piston Foundation, is to connect everyone—to raise funds and help create solutions.”
Robert Minnick, Founder and CEO, Piston Foundation


A group of key volunteer advisors provides guidance and expertise to drive the Foundation’s mission and strategy, among them: Roger Werner, the media innovator who created Speedvision; Fred Simeone; Harvey Siegel; William Harrison Binnie; Frank Campanale; Murray Smith; and Kent Bain.


The Foundation’s current staff of thirteen volunteers—accomplished professionals and dedicated car enthusiasts from across the U.S., including operations, communications, marketing, donor relations and partnership development skills—is spread across the country, from New York to Michigan, Colorado to California.


Beyond its advisors and staff, the Foundation boasts more than two dozen ambassadors throughout the U.S. helping to build awareness at the grassroots level, through social media, events, and personal contacts.


The Piston Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity.
Their EIN is 85-4373512.