Lime Rock Park Partner Donates Chevrolet Corvette Callaway SuperNatural Convertible to Be Auctioned for Charity

In celebration of a new partnership, a 1993 Chevrolet Corvette Callaway SuperNatural Convertible 6-Speed was donated by one of Lime Rock Park’s owners to raise money for Lime Rock’s charitable partners, the Hole In The Wall Gang Camp and the American Mural Project.  The auction is live now through Bring A Trailer. (link to auction site and bidding here)


The rare 40th anniversary Callaway Corvette, modified by Callaway’s Old Lyme Connecticut factory, was purchased by its current owner, a Lime Rock Park partner, specifically to celebrate Lime Rock Park’s 40th Historic Festival.


The confluence of the Festival’s featured marque being Corvette and the naming of the Paul Newman Straight that weekend created a great opportunity for an auction to benefit both the Newman and Posey families’ wonderful legacies: The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp and The American Mural Project.


Bidding lasts through Dec. 23 on the Bring a Trailer website-


“It was a magical weekend for all Corvette lovers who attended the Historic Festival,” said Like Rock Park President and CEO Dicky Riegel. “Knowing that the auction proceeds will benefit two wonderful charities will hopefully help this be a really successful auction here in the holiday season.”


Founded by Paul Newman in 1988, the Hole in The Wall Gang is now the official charitable partner of Lime Rock Park’s fundraising efforts. All participants and fans at the Historic Festival this weekend were encouraged to consider a donation to the Hole In The Wall Gang to help support the organization’s efforts. Contributions can be made by texting BANDIT to 243725 or by visiting


Founded in 2001 by Sam Posey’s wife, Ellen Griesedieck, the American Mural Project is a nonprofit organization focused on honoring work by giving dignity to the American worker and initiative to kids. At its center is the creation of the largest indoor collaborative artwork in the world—a three-dimensional mural 120 feet long and five stories high- nothing  like it exists in the world. It seeks to inspire, to invite collaboration and to reveal to people of all ages the many contributions they can make to American culture. A celebration of American ingenuity, productivity and commitment to work, the project is intended as a tribute and a challenge. For more information visit: