It’S Snow Time To Stop Driving

Spirited driving can be enjoyed in all kinds of weather provided that the driver and car are well-equipped to deal with the challenges of snow, ice and low grip levels

Drivers looking to experience spirited driving in winter conditions need look no further than Lime Rock Park’s Winter Autocross. Our six-hour program is managed by pro driving coaches who provide specialized instruction based on each participant’s experience level.

The FCP Euro Proving Grounds have a variety of corners and elevation that can be run in a few different configurations depending on snow conditions. Lime Rock Park’s snowmaking and grooming equipment helps to provide smooth, slippery snow, and the FCP Euro Proving Grounds provide wide open space so you can practice with plenty of room to make mistakes.

Dates for the Winter Autocross are largely dependent on the weather.

  • The cost is $350 per driver with a maximum of 25 drivers per program.

Program Details

  • Drivers must be licensed
  • Tire requirements prevent excessive delays caused by removing stuck vehicles that are not prepared for winter driving. Four- and all-wheel drive vehicles may be fitted with either aggressively-treaded all-season tires or non-studded snow and ice tires. Summer tires or all-season tires with insufficient tread will not be permitted. Vehicles that are front- or rear-wheel drive MUST be equipped with appropriate non-studded snow and ice tires. To prevent degradation of the asphalt underneath the snow course, studded tires are prohibited.
  • Vehicles must conform to our muffled exhaust regulations
  • Cars must have tow hooks installed. Snow beyond the course limits is not prepared for driving and going off course may result in your vehicle getting stuck. In the case of a stuck car, Lime Rock staff will pull the car out.
  • High-grip, thin soled shoes (with warm socks!) recommended
  • Compressed air is available on site for tire pressure adjustments
  • Spectators are welcome