Five Reasons to Join the Lime Rock Drivers Club

High-end, sophisticated cars are meant to be driven, enjoyed and appreciated.

That means getting off the street and driving those high-performance cars faster than 65-miles per hour, and that’s where the Lime Rock Drivers Club (LRDC) comes in.

The LRDC is a limited-membership club for driving enthusiasts who not only appreciate the  depth and richness of Lime Rock’s history, but also want to go fast.

There are many reasons why drivers choose to join the LRDC, but here are our top five picks as to why you should join the LRDC:


1.Track Days

High-performance cars are too capable and too fast to be driven flat out on the street, and the LRDC offers 50-plus complementary on-track days for its members to practice car control on Lime Rock’s full course and on the FCP Euro Proving Grounds throughout the season. All track days include hospitality and catering.


Racing fun doesn’t stop at Lime Rock; the LRDC also has reciprocals with both Thompson Speedway Motorsport Park and Palmer Motorsport Park.


2. Exclusive Opportunities 

The LRDC has several exclusive opportunities included with its membership.  Members and their guests receive entry to all the major events at Lime Rock Park. The Lime Rock Outfield Chalet transforms into a camaraderie-fueled private viewing area for the LRDC members which includes premium catering and hospitality from Park Provisions.

Winter Autocross, Complementary Test & Tune, and special access to Lime Rock is all part of the package and included with membership at no charge.


3. Private Coaching

Master the art of high-performance driving. With private coaching, LRDC guarantees to improve driving skills and speed safely.


Skip Barber founded the LRDC in 2007 and he is still very hands-on with the group. Skip personally selects each professional driver coach, each with impeccable racing and teaching credentials. Led by Simon Kirkby, an internationally renowned driver coach, the LRDC’s focus is on private, one-on-one coaching.  Bring your high-powered car to The Park and the professional LRDC coaches will give you an on-track orientation. Your personal coach for the day will sit in the right seat, teaching you advanced driving skills while safely guiding you to even greater speeds. The schedule includes breaks between sessions, giving you time to take a break, absorb the lessons learned and discuss advanced techniques and data with the coach. LRDC also provides ongoing coaching that includes signature Car Control Clinics using the FCP Euro Proving Grounds Autocross/Skid Pad. This service is complementary with every LRDC membership.


4. LRDC Race Series

Another included perk to The Club is the LRDC Race Series. Following their private high-performance coaching, many members want to take their experience further and go racing. The LRDC Race Series was created for those who want a fun, lower-cost, less time-consuming format that doesn’t require a formal license, just permission from the Club Director.  Our mission is to elevate our members to be the best racers that they can be. To maximize competition equality, each driver pilots a Spec Miata, which is owned by the member or can be rented from Club-friendly providers. The series meets five times a year, starting in April.  There is no additional cost to participate.


5. Earn a Full Racing License

LRDC is an officially sanctioned SCCA driving school. Its two-day Licensing Program is conducted with a professional coach instructing you in real-time from the passenger seat. LRDC’s intense personal attention accelerates students’ proficiency to a higher level in a much shorter time frame, giving drivers up to eight hours on track between the two days.  After completing the two-day program, approved drivers will receive credit for their SCCA Driver School and earn one event on their SCCA Novice Permit.


The Lime Rock Drivers Club is for enthusiasts who want to take full advantage of a unique automotive atmosphere found only at Lime Rock. Everything about the Club is convenient, flexible and, of course, fun. Even though LRDC is private and for members only, LRDC offers future members the ability to test-drive The Club before committing to make sure it’s a good fit for you.


To learn more about Lime Rock Drivers Club, visit


Interested parties can also contact Jeanette Veitenheimer, Executive Administrator for the Lime Rock Drivers Club, at or 860.435.5000 ext. 104