The newest Lime Rock Park event: Circuit Legends Festival


GRIDLIFE kicks off its 2022 season this weekend at Circuit of The Americas with the GRIDLIFE CLTC CoTA Special.

GRIDLIFE will host a new festival-style motorsport event at Lime Rock Park Aug. 19-20 called the Circuit Legends Festival.

But, what exactly is GRIDLIFE? Get a GRIDLIFE Circuit Legends Festival 101 crash course with the guide below ahead of the season opener.



GRIDLIFE is a grassroots motorsports event and lifestyle brand that is dedicated to inclusion and focused on having fun in and around cars. It celebrates the full spectrum of car culture, and packages it up in a festival environment where good music and good times bring everyone together. GRIDLIFE is the fastest growing grassroots motorsports program in North America, attracting one of the youngest spectator audiences as well as driver paddocks in the sport.


What type of cars race with GRIDLIFE?

GRIDLIFE celebrates the next generation of motorsport collectors and enthusiasts with an event built around that generation. 1980s and 90s style JDM, DTM, BTCC, JTCC, D1 are the series that inspired an entire generation of enthusiasts, and GRIDLIFE events are where they all come alive in one place.

What is the Circuit Legends Festival?

The new Circuit Legends Festival is a GRIDLIFE motorsports celebration at Lime Rock Park (Aug. 19-20) that honors motorsports culture of the Mid 80s through Mid 00s, i.e. “The Golden Age of touring car racing.”

Cars from this era were fast, and looked cool.  BTCC, DTM, Speed World, JTCC, Group C, GT, TC, the Circuit of Legends Festival will  treat these legendary vehicles like Musical Artists.

Circuit Legends at Lime Rock will be a full force GRIDLIFE Festival, except that for this event GRIDLIFE will replace musical acts with legendary 80’s -00’s era cars from series’ around the world. People will be able to see their vehicular heroes up close both in the paddock as well as at speed on track.


What on-track activities will GRIDLIFE showcase at the Circuit Legends Festival?

On track, GRIDLIFE will bring its TrackBattle Time Attack, and the exciting wheel to wheel GRIDLIFE Touring Cup and a special Legends session where the marque cars will be featured at speed in a shootout style showcase. At less than 20 minutes each, the races are short and intense.


What off-track programming is planned for the Circuit Legends Festival?

The weekend will also include the Legends Gallery Concourse, the GRIDLIFE arcade (with Sim) experience, live podcasting, vendors, a huge selection of food and more.


Are there videos of past events?

Watch live and past events here: GRIDLIFE LIVE — #GRIDLIFE


Got a car and want to participate?

Visit: GRIDLIFE Circuit Legends — #GRIDLIFE


More Information:

Circuit Legends Aug. 19-20
Tickets and additional information:  GridLife – Lime Rock Park