Corvette Owner Package

Enjoy Historic Festival 40 presented by Corvette in style with the exclusive Corvette Owner package.

For our annual Historic Festival, we’re celebrating the illustrious history of the Corvette. Prototypes, competition cars, & production cars; every Corvette will be celebrated at Historic Festival 40.


What’s Happening:


This year, we are celebrating the iconic Corvette at the region’s biggest vintage racing event, Historic Festival 40. Come join us to for a day of wheel-to-wheel racing, paired with a dinner & seminar with the legendary designers of the Corvette. Read below to learn more.


All day long, historic race cars from bygone eras will be duking it out over our 1.5 mile road course. Corvettes will be racing in multiple groups throughout the day, and the authentic Historic Trans Am series will be joining us as well. In addition, catch pre-WWII Grand Prix Cars, formula cars, and more.


Over the years, the weekend has showcased gatherings of significant cars for featured marques. That tradition continues this year with a gathering of 12 of the most significant Corvette concept cars and 20 competition cars, which will be on display throughout the weekend.


As part of its upcoming commemoration of 70 years of Corvette history at the 40th Historic Festival, Lime Rock Park will be hosting a dinner and panel discussion on September 3 with four senior GM Design executives that have kept Corvette at the cutting edge of sports car styling. Joining this very special evening will be Michael Simcoe, currently leader of GM Global Design, as well as his predecessor, Ed Welburn. Also taking part in the panel will be Phil Zak, Executive Director of Global Chevrolet Design, as well as his predecessor John Cafaro, who also served as Corvette Chief Designer from 1986 to 1999. The evening will take place in the Lime Rock Park infield, starting at 6:00pm.


Thanks to Corvette & it’s dedicated ownership clubs, here’s what is available ONLY as a Corvette owner, at a discount:

  • Saturday, September 3 admission to Historic Festival 40 presented by Corvette, including all-day racing action from a variety of vintage race cars. Come see the Corvette competition cars & Historic Trans Am (as well as all the others!), all while enjoying the park-like atmosphere at Lime Rock Park.
  • Free parking with your Corvette in the Corvette Infield Parking Area.
  • Dinner & seminar with the GM executives who made the Corvette, the Corvette.

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The Corvette Owner Package is offered at an exclusive price of $180.

Additional admission and dinner tickets will be available on the ticketing page (can’t leave out your passenger!)