New Year, New Promotions for Lime Rock Park Employees

The new year ushered in new opportunities for four outstanding Lime Rock Park employees. Jamie Kister, Emily Riess, Ian Sieller and Jocko Jacopino, who were all instrumental in the Park’s most successful year in recent history, will all be recognized with promotions in 2024.


Jamie Kistner promoted to Chief Marketing Officer:

In the 14 months since joining Lime Rock Park, Jamie Kistner has made a remarkable impact on the Park’s sales and marketing efforts. His organized and structured approach to media and marketing has resulted in double-digit admissions growth for public events. Jamie has also managed the Park’s relationships with various agency partners and built strong connections with external partners, leading to exciting revenue opportunities.


Ahead of joining Lime Rock Park, Jamie managed different motorsport sponsorship portfolios with NASCAR, Richard Petty Motorsports, World of Outlaws and Tony Stewart Racing for more than a decade and most recently, Jamie was the Head of Global Marketing for Vista Outdoor, where he led the marketing efforts for its tactical business unit.


Emily Riess takes on a new position as Director of Events & Experience

Emily Riess has been a driving force behind Lime Rock Park’s success in events and experiences. Her incredible work over the past couple of years has been pivotal in building and supporting Lime Rock Park’s diverse range of events. Emily is universally recognized by the Park’s partners and patrons for her unwavering commitment to ensuring events run smoothly and successfully. From her management of Trade Secrets to her innovative idea for the successful Connecticut Craft Beer Grand Prix, Emily has consistently delivered fantastic results. In 2023, she went above and beyond by assisting in the implementation and launch of the Torkhub ticketing platform.


Before Emily could walk, she was hanging out at Lime Rock Park with her dad, Andy Riess, who worked for Skip Barber Racing School. Emily continued in her dad’s footsteps, volunteering as marketing event help at The Park in 2017 while she was an undergrad at Southern Connecticut State University. She continued working at more events at Lime Rock throughout her grad studies, and in fall 2021 she propelled from marketing event staff to full-time employee.


Lime Rock Park adds a new position, naming Ian Sieller as Director of Technology

Ian Sieller has played a crucial role in propelling Lime Rock Park’s technological advancements. His contributions include the development of the fiber optic and Wi-Fi network distribution, in-house closed-circuit TV, live streaming, weather cam, and numerous other meaningful improvements for the Park. While often working behind the scenes, Ian’s efforts benefit every member of the Lime Rock community and all patrons. With many exciting projects and opportunities on the horizon, Lime Rock Park is thrilled to have Ian’s leadership and vision guiding the Park’s technological future.


Ian started at Lime Rock Park as a volunteer technology technician in 2017. The new track ownership group wanted to bring Lime Rock Park to the digital age, and knew Ian was the perfect fit to accomplish their vision and added him as a full-time employee for the 2021 season.


Robert “Jocko” Jacopino promoted to Vice President of Operations

Robert “Jocko” Jacopino’s deep knowledge of Lime Rock Park’s facility operations and his tireless work have earned him a well-deserved promotion to Vice President of Operations. His planning, work ethic and can-do attitude have been invaluable in keeping Lime Rock Park running smoothly. With Steven Sewell transitioning into his new role as Lime Rock’s Motorsports Operations Advisor, Jocko is ideally suited to succeed him.


Jocko has a storied history with Lime Rock Park that began more than 40 years ago when he helped a friend run a Formula Vee at the track in the early 80s. When he retired from law enforcement in the early 2000s, Jocko started working for Skip Barber Racing School and then was hired full-time as the Facility Manager in 2001. Jocko left the track in 2005 after moving to Georgia, however, 14 years later, he came back home and reclaimed his position at Lime Rock in 2019.


“Jamie, Jocko, Ian and Emily’s dedication and exceptional contributions have not only elevated Lime Rock Park’s standing but have also set the stage for a promising future,” said Lime Rock Park CEO and President Dicky Riegel. “We are excited about the future with these exceptional individuals leading the way. Their promotions are a testament to their hard work, dedication and the bright path that lies ahead for Lime Rock Park.”


In 2023, Lime Rock Park went full-send, exceeding the new benchmarks set from the previous year. Thousands of new fans flocked to the famous New England circuit for race and community events, seeing nearly a 20 percent growth in attendance and marking the most successful year in recent Park history.

Under new ownership and leadership, Lime Rock Park developed a new approach for track operations over the last three seasons that has seen a concentrated effort on upgrading visitor experience, making racing more accessible, forging alliances with compatible community and national partners and increasing fundraising efforts for local charities.


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