Parking & Car Corrals

General Parking:

General parking is free during major spectator events. Free parking is located in the Outfield at the Outfield Entrance on Lime Rock Road or Light’s Field at the Main Entrance on White Hollow Road. During Race Days, free golf cart shuttles run on a continuous loop for those who need a lift from the parking areas. Handicapped Parking is available in the Infield for special permitted vehicles.

Guaranteed Infield Parking:

On Race Days, Guaranteed Infield Parking (G.I.P.) passes are available – regardless of when you arrive – for a fee of $25. G.I.P. must be purchased in advance and will often become sold out. A special car mirror hang tag will be given to everyone who purchases G.I.P. Passes must be purchased in advance and are available online at

Car Corrals:

During the three major spectator events, special marques or brands such as Corvette, Porsche or Mazda have special car corral parking areas in the Infield. At times, Car Corrals will be sponsored by the automaker. Car Corrals are fun, exciting owner-gatherings that the rest of the Lime Rock fans also enjoy! Usually, the first 50 or so Car Corral arrivals are scheduled for a Parade Lap too! Car Corral parking passes must be purchased in advance and are available online at

For more information, call the Track Office at (860) 435-5000 during normal business hours.

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