The Piston Foundation Partners with Lime Rock Park

GREENWICH, CONN. — The Piston Foundation announced a new partnership with Lime Rock Park in
which both parties will have an active role in providing automotive career opportunities for talented men
and women who want to learn and practice the skilled trades needed by the car enthusiast community.


“The Piston Foundation’s mission is to promote and fund skilled-trade education to create rewarding
career paths for a new generation of collector car specialists and technicians,” said Robert P. Minnick,
CEO and Founder of the Piston Foundation. “Since the Piston Foundation and Lime Rock Park serve
similar communities, a partnership makes sense for everyone, including racers who use the track and car
enthusiasts who enjoy events at this storied facility.”


“All of us at Lime Rock are excited for this new partnership,” said Dicky Riegel, President and CEO of
Lime Rock Park. “It is up to all of us to propel the future by encouraging young people to join our industry.
Our agreement with Piston Foundation is manifest of the rich history of the track and our exciting vision
for the future.”


Mr. Minnick added, “The Piston Foundation is an independent, national automotive charity. Our goal is to
bring more young people into the collector car industry so the craftspeople who built this American
touchstone can transfer their skills to a new generation. We offer a philanthropic platform where car
enthusiasts and members of the automotive industry, like Lime Rock Park, can come together to directly
support career opportunities for young people and help build a sustainable future for the trade of vehicle


Mr. Riegel said, “There is a great deal of interest in our plans for the future of this historic racetrack.
Robert’s ideas for the Piston Foundation create a vision and a pathway for our shared automotive
enthusiasm to be nurtured in the next generation. Lime Rock Park looks forward to providing the dynamic
setting where the Piston Foundation can share career opportunities with young men and women.”


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