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LDRC $1050 Tuesdays

So You’re Interested? Awesome!

The Lime Rock Drivers Club is a private, for members only club, but the reality is that no one ever joins without kicking our tires (so to speak), and for that reason, we welcome you for a one-time visit to see if the Club is a good fit for you and you are a good fit for the Club.

Wait – I’ve never been on a track before?  Is that a problem?

Nope. After you’ve signed in, one of our professional coaches will give you an on-track orientation. Your coach for the day will sit in the right seat, teaching you advanced driving skills, while guiding you safely to ever greater speeds. There will be breaks between your sessions, with time to absorb the lessons learned and time to discuss advanced techniques.

What’s Included?

  • Liability Insurance

  • Professional Private In-Car Coaching

  • Four Hours of Open Track Time

  • Catered Meals

  • Share your day with a friend or spouse for an additional $150

  • Race Car Rentals available