Staff Directory

Skip Barber

President and Owner 

Steven Sewell

General Manager
860.435.5000 x106  

Georgia Blades

Chief Financial Officer
860.435.5000 x100    

Walter Irvine

VP Sales & Fulfillment
860.435.5000 x108  

Mike Distefano

860.435.5000 x112 

Alexandra Becker

Sales & Marketing
860.435.5000 x109 

Mitchell Conroy

Marketing Operations Associate
860.435.5000 x113 

Mark Mazzeo

Catering, Food & Beverage
860.435.5000 x115  

Nina Daley

860.435.5000 x107  

Kathy Yelsits

860.435.5000 x123  

Zach Sawicki

Emergency Services

Jen Murphy

Internal Facility Scheduling Coordinator
& Office Manager
860.435.5000 x116 

Taylor Maghini

Ticketing Coordinator
860.435.5000 x110

Jocko Jacopino

Facilities Supervisor
860.435.5000 x124 

Tim Hickson


Marlane White

Public Relations & Communications
860.435.5000 x111  

Simon Kirkby

Lime Rock Drivers Club

Jeanette Veitenheimer

Drivers Club & Historic Festival Administrator
860.435.5000 x104  

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