Lime Rock Park has two volunteer groups: The Righthanders Club

We Want You! Get Involved!

The Righthanders Club is a group of dedicated individuals with a passion for racing and a desire to get involved at Lime Rock Park. The Righthanders Club is involved with a wide range of activities that help make our events spectacular, such as autograph sessions, courtesy shuttle rides, Winner's Circle, the Information Booth and more.
 Experience the fun and camaraderie of being true racing "insiders!"  
And every event is different, each with its own interesting twists -- it never gets old at the track!
The Righthanders Club  look for hard-working, personable members, with a passion for speed and entertainment.
If you are interested in being an important part of one of these groups, please call the Track Office at 860-435-5000 to find out more.



Intern Positions

Event Specialist
During the normal event season, the position focuses on assisting in the development procedures, identifying weaknesses and improving key markers of Lime Rock Park’s sales-supported event fulfillment, from the following perspectives:

  • Responsible for individual components of hospitality management, in advance of the fulfillment of sales-supported events (Sales-support focused- not a Catering position)
  • Retail and rental driving event sales protocols: post-sale, pre-event customer relationship maintenance, at-event and post-event customer relationship, loyalty and targeting mechanism evaluation and development
  • Shadowing sales team members to provide relevant work experience and knowledge of sales functions in an office and event setting
  • Will require flexibility and willingness to operate on fair, but non-traditional hours and work days

During the major events, the position focuses on directly assisting the sales team with sales-related event support:

  • Hospitality component fulfillment of projects that the intern has been managing throughout the regular season
  • Assistance with schedule-based event management for sales team members
  • Requires an ability to be present for at least two of the four 2017 major events

This position is relevant for individuals interested in a career in the following roles:

  • Hospitality Management
  • Sales Account Management
  • Sports Marketing
  • Large Event Management



The Lime Rock Drivers Club (LRDC) is pleased to begin taking applications for its Club Intern Program. The program is geared toward high school and college graduates who love cars and road racing and have the desire to learn some of the fundamental business and marketing aspects of the fast-paced automotive and motorsports industries. It’s a tremendous opportunity for highly motivated pre-professionals. Interns will gain valuable field experience in career paths, professional contacts, and mentoring in an exciting and unique market. As an unpaid Lime Rock Park Intern, you'll have "behind the scenes access" to all major Lime Rock Park race weekends and enjoy the benefits of working closely with Lime Rock Park managers - including networking opportunities, off-site events, referrals and more.
Intern Job Description

  • Must be 18 or older
  • Must have a passion for Motorsport, and fast cars
  • Must be organized, able to take direction, as well as work independently
  • Must be extremely reliable and professional
  • Preferably know how to drive a manual shift car (if you don’t know we will teach you)
  • Preferably has some knowledge of a broad spectrum of sports car, and sport sedans]


  • Coordinates pit lane under the supervision of Club Director
  • Assists Members as needed
  • Assists Club Director in Business Development and off-site sales and marketing booths
  • Distribution of LRDC Marketing Materials


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