Autocross Days: Description & Schedule

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Want to drive your car at the limit at Lime Rock Park, no experience necessary?

Then sign-up for Lime Rock Park’s “Open Enrollment Autocross Days.”

Lime Rock’s autocross is our “mini” race track located in the upper infield area. It is a paved circuit, with no barriers or guardrails. Each of the various corners – sweepers, increasing- and decreasing radii, 90s, 180s – is designed to test and develop your talent, all under the watchful and helpful eyes of Lime Rock’s renowned racing instructors.

Lime Rock's Autocross Days utilize electronic Timing & Scoring (no transponders needed), sponsored by Spectro Oils.

We see everyone from moms in minivans to pro drivers in race cars take to the autocross to hone, develop and refine their car-control skills – and have a huge amount of fun in the process!

Open to any licensed driver, Lime Rock has “Open Autocross Days” from April through October.

The cost is $225.

For that, you get more laps than you can count, plus coaching feedback.

For 2017, we will schedule at least a dozen Open Enrollment Autocross Days. (Plus a handful of Coaching Autocross Days; see below)

You also have the opportunity to drive your way into the Autocross Invitational Shoot-out (AxIS) co-sponsored by Spectro Oils and Motorcars, Inc., of Plainville, Conn., the end-of-year (October or November) competition  that pits the year’s fastest drivers against each other to determine the Lime Rock Summer Autocross Series champion! (
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Each Open Autocross Day is limited to 24 drivers.

As noted, separately we will schedule “Coaching” autocross days where, for an additional $215, the enrollment is limited to 12 drivers (even more laps plus one-on-one coaching); there is one specialized racing coach for every three drivers. The coaches are guaranteed to knock seconds off your lap times and will even ride “right seat” for the fastest, most effective instruction. Some of the Open Days and most of the Coaching Days, you can bring an un-muffled and/or race car.

To reserve your seat for an Open Autocross Day and/or Coaching Day, please contact Ryan McIntosh at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lime Rock Park Autocross Days. It’s a blast to go fast...

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Autocross Sales Advisors: 860.435.5000

2017 Lime Rock Park Summer Autocross Days
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