Bimmers, Berms & G.I.P.

What’s “Bimmers, Berms and G.I.P.”?

 It’s about parking...

Wait! Don’t fall asleep! Hold on a sec!

At Lime Rock Park, we don’t have just ordinary, regular, run of the mill parking. No, we give you the choice of what you could call Parking Adventures!

Here are three for-instances:

1. Do you drive a BMW, the Official Car of Lime Rock Park? If “yes,” that means you are invited to park in the best parking spot at the track: the grassy berm just past the Bailey Bridge as you enter the Infield. Remember, it’s “first come, first served” for the Bimmer Berm spots.

2. Do you drive a cool car? Something old, something new, something hopefully not borrowed, we don’t care if it’s blue? If so, whenever you come to a race weekend, tell the Parking Attendants you would like to park in “Specialty Parking.” It’s a designated area in the Infield. We do this because our fans TOLD us they like to walk to one area to see all the hot cars the other fans drive, in one place. We’ll be honest: If you drive up in a rusty Volare with a flame job obviously painted on with a toothbrush and ask for “Specialty Parking,” you’ll probably be told “No...”

3. Remember that all spectator parking, including the Bimmer Berm and Specialty, is free, with the exception of this one following option: Guaranteed Infield Parking (G.I.P.). You now have the option of a Guaranteed Infield Parking spot on race days – regardless of when you arrive – for a fee of $15. We will hold a parking spot for you, even if you arrive just minutes before the green flag flies for the feature race! This does not mean we are charging for parking: If you want to park in the Infield for free, you must arrive early in the morning and you will likely be parked in the Infield – but we can’t guarantee that. Guaranteed Infield Parking is simply a choice you have to guarantee that Lime Rock Park will save an Infield Parking spot regardless of when you arrive on a Race Day. Call the office at 860.435.5000 to buy a race-day Guaranteed Infield Parking pass.

Okay, that wasn’t so bad, was it?


Car Corral Tickets Now Available

CorvetteCorralHey, do you own a nice Audi, Corvette, Mazda, Porsche or VW? For those of you sayin’ “Yes,” we want to make sure you know about Lime Rock Park Car Corrals! Car Corrals are fun, because fellow owners all get to hang out with their automotive “tribe” in specially designated areas in the Infield during the major event weekends.


The February iRacing Monthly Drawing Winner

Eddings2PSJohn Eddings of East Hartford, Conn., was the random-drawing winner of the February “Lime Rock iRacing Monthly Drawing.”
John now has a full year’s subscription to iRacing, the fantastically realistic online racing sim.


Daytona 500 winner raced at Lime Rock

Congrats to the youngest-ever Daytona 500 winner, Trevor Bayne, yet another driver who cut his or her teeth at Lime Rock!


Guaranteed Infield Parking

You now have the option of a Guaranteed Infield Parking spot on race days – regardless of when you arrive – for a fee of $25...