Join The Street Driving Safety Clinic This Saturday

Saturday, Oct. 13, 9 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

The Street Driving Safety Clinic is for street drivers of all ages and experience levels that want to be trained on how to control their personal vehicle in the inclement and emergency situations that are regularly encountered on public roads. Parents – this is the program for your new drivers to become safer, more aware and prepared to handle their vehicle. This includes establishing correct driver awareness to help avoid incidents and repetitively practicing how to respond to them when they do occur with emergency avoidance and skid control exercises – before you have to react on the street. The registration fee is $360 per enrolled driver, with max enrollment of 24 driving participants. With six professional driving instructors, student-teacher ratios are incredibly small at 4:1.

This program is for you or your child if you’re looking for:

  • Easy-to-remember car control techniques that aren’t taught in driver’s ed. classes
  • Classroom learning that is only a precursor to the repetitive, substantial practice time included in the program to develop those techniques in a controlled environment
  • Professional driving coaches that know how to get maximum participant engagement in the learning process. You will have fun while you’re learning – and remember what you’ve learned.
  • The combination of engaging instructors, easy-to-remember techniques and a lot of practice yields improved critical decision making abilities and ingrains skills that allow you to become comfortable with, and aware of, the maximum capabilities of the vehicle that you are usually driving on a day-to-day basis. You leave the clinic considerably more ready to handle a situation in your daily driving that causes a loss of traction or requires emergency avoidance, making you a safer, better driver on the street.

The Bare Essentials for all programs:

  • Drivers must be licensed
  • Cars must conform to Lime Rock noise regulations for the date of the program (ask if unsure)
  • Non-driving guests of participants are welcome (all guests of participants must sign the LRP Release Waiver when entering the facility)
  • Thin soled shoes recommended
  • Compressed air available on site
  • Dates run rain or shine

Cancellation Policy:

If a participant is unable to attend, Lime Rock must be notified at least one week prior to the event.  In that case, Lime Rock will transfer the credit to another date of the participant’s choosing.  Credit will not be refunded or transferred if the participant notifies Lime Rock less than one week before the event (barring special circumstance.)

The cost of the class is $360 per participant. To reserve your spot, call Mike at (860) 435-5000 or CLICK HERE


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