BLOG: Be Part of the Club

BLOG: Be Part of the Club 

This week we’ve introduced you to some of our Righthanders. You’ve heard about their stories and why they like their jobs as  Righthanders. From the camaraderie, to meeting drivers and getting special privileges like the use of the FCP Euro Proving Grounds, the Righthanders get a pretty unique Lime Rock Park experience

But how do you become a Righthander? What exactly are their responsibilities? We’ll answer all those questions with a quick FAQ check below. There’s still time before the season to become a Righthander!


What is the Righthander Club?

The Righthander Club is a group of dedicated individuals with a passion for racing and a desire to be involved at Lime Rock Park. The Club is a volunteer organization that works together to assist the staff at Lime Rock Park execute the details of each event.


What duties does a club member have?

The Righthander Club volunteers staff the information booth, provide free golf cart shuttle rides to gear laden spectators, assist with hot laps, parade laps and paddock tours, run the autograph sessions and car corrals, banner the track, and assist in the media center and winner’s circle while providing a memorable visit for spectators at Lime Rock Park.


What are the benefits of being a club volunteer?

In addition to being part of an exclusive group at one of the most picturesque race tracks in North America, Righthander Club volunteers receive tickets for Lime Rock Park events, complimentary meals, racing swag and celebrate the end of the season with a special activity.


How do I become a Righthander Club member?

You can learn more about becoming a member of the Righthander Club by speaking to one of our volunteers at the Information Booth during a major event (at the end of the midway near the top of Spectator Hill) or by calling the Lime Rock Park office at (860) 435-5000, or filling out the form here:


We still have several Righthanders to introduce. Here is Part 3 of some of their stories


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Art Pozner

Years as Righthander at LRP: 15 years

Where are you posted on race weekends: I am the Courtesy Shuttle lead so I can be anywhere and everywhere.

Why do you like being a Righthander: I love interacting with the fans (especially the first timers). The camaraderie of both other Righthanders and the LRP staff makes me look forward to every event.  

Favorite memory as a Righthander at LRP: Driving two young fans who had never been to LRP before. As we crossed the Bailey Bridge and they heard the scream as it roared underneath one them screamed “this is the happiest day of my life!!!!”  He and his twin brother had spent four hours on the public transit (train and bus) to get to the track from Bridgeport. Their mom was thrilled also after the long journey


Al Lappert

Years as Righthander at LRP: This will be my 17th year as a Righthander.

Where are you posted on race weekends: Ed Sprague and I are part of the Al and Ed Show. We primarily set the track up for racing (placing the flutter flags around the park) and signage, staff assistants, setting up, delivering ice, water and supplies to the Info both, help out with hot laps, autograph sessions. 

Why do you like being a Righthander: The love of the staff and comradery with my fellow Righthanders. 

Favorite memory as a Righthander at LRP: Awarded the Volunteer of the year award, which included being comped the Skip Barber Racing School, numerous times waving the green flag to start a race


Arthur “Art” Crane

Years as Righthander at LRP: 13

Where are you posted on race weekends: Usually cart shuttles

Why do you like being a Righthander: Love of all things automotive and a great group of friends

Favorite memory as a Righthander at LRP: The hot laps


Mike “Ferrari” DelValle

Years as Righthander at LRP: Starting my ninth year with the Right Handers .

Where are you posted on race weekends: Usually helping with bannering , then driving carts .

Why do you like being a Righthander: After working as a factory trained Ferrari technician & helping at the Ferrari challenge race with Miller Motor Cars at Lime Rock Park  in 1999, I volunteered with the Chamber of Commerce so I could get involved at the track until I joined the Righthanders. There is nothing more exciting than being at the track on race day, the sounds , the sights, the people, nothing beats it- except for racing on the track with my own car.

Favorite memory as a Righthander at LRP: Best memory would be riding in a 1956 Cadillac convertible on the parade through Lakeville at the historic festival.


The following Righthanders do not submit photos, but we would still like to recognize them!


Rob Hottes

Hey everyone, Rob Hottes here.

I’ve been a part of lime rock for about 8 years now, and I truly call it my happy place. 

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, my only complaint is that my face hurts when I leave, because I’ve been smiling all day.

While I’ll fill in wherever needed, and wear many hats, I truly love being a cart driver. 

Those shuttle carts that we offer fill more rolls than just simply bringing fans from point A to point B. There’s an opportunity for us to connect and establish relationships with first time guests and seasoned veterans alike in a confined environment. ( which at a place like Lime Rock, is hard to do).

Some of my favorite memories were being able to meet Stirling Moss, and watch him drive on the track, being “passed by an Edelbrok” ( long story) in my cart going up the hill, and being a face that was remembered and sought out by first time guests.

I really do like this place, and my only regret is that I didn’t start it sooner.


Robert Van Hooten

Hi There,

I have been a member 7 years. 

I do whatever is assigned including bannering, carting, and helping in the car corral. I like being a Righthander because the place is beautiful, my co-volunteers are great people and especially when I drive a cart people are so appreciative of this free courtesy shuttle service. My favorite memory was taking the shuttle around the track and going down the downhill at full speed! Incredible. 


Nick Totalo


My name is Nick Totalo, and this will be my 15th or 16th year as a member of the Righthanders Club, but as a LRP enthusiast I have been coming to LRP since the early years of 1957 or 1958. I watched and rooted for Peter Gregg battling it out with Hans Stuck in the old Camel GT series. Porsche vs BMW. Great memories.


I’ve performed a lot of Righthander duties over the years, but probably carting and Info tent the most. I enjoy greeting and informing the new guests to LRP, and welcoming back the old guard. Even though our encounters are brief, I hope I make a difference in their enjoying their time at LRP. 

I have too many special memories as a Righthander, but two that I find special are 1) Reconnecting with a group of great folks that I like to refer to as my summer family, and 2)  Not being able to wait to stop briefly on the Bailey Bridge, and be exhilarated, and entrenched in the beautiful symphony of engine sounds echoing under the bridge as I pause. I get goose bumps all over and my heart races. It’s truly an indescribable special feeling that to me is LRP. 

I guess I was always too busy to get a photo of myself at LRP. They’re all stored in my memory bank. 

Sorry if I was a bit long of tongue, but actually I was just getting started. 





Thank you to all of the Righthanders who submitted their stories. We will continue to feature more of our Righthanders throughout this week for National Volunteer Appreciation Week. 


For more information on how to become a Righthander, visit: