General Parking at Lime Rock is free and we have plenty of event parking staff who will show you exactly where to park when you arrive. if you want to park in the Infield (enter through the Lime Rock Park Main Entrance, 60 White Hollow Road) or the Outfield (directly off of Route 112). Parking in the Outfield means a short walk over the pedestrian bridge at the end of the front straight. Handicapped parking is available in both the Infield and Outfield parking areas; a valid handicap-parking permit must be shown to park in the designated area; we will direct you to the handicapped parking locations. All parking is convenient to the Spectator Hillsides and Viewing Areas, and we make the journey to the perfect spot on the hill even easier by providing Courtesy Golf Cart Shuttles to help you manage the kids and the cooler. Click here for map

Other option: Guaranteed Infield Parking spot on race days – regardless of when you arrive – for a fee of $30. We will hold a parking spot for you, even if you arrive just minutes before the green flag flies for the feature race! This does not mean we are charging for parking: If you want to park in the Infield for free, you must arrive early in the morning, and you will likely be parked in the Infield – but we can’t guarantee that. Remember, Guaranteed Infield Parking is simply a choice to guarantee that Lime Rock Park will save an Infield Parking spot for you regardless of when you arrive on a Race Day.